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Our work and services

Our services can be offered in collaboration with Gertrude St Studio partners

Services: List

Inclusive Engagement

People often get left out of big changes and decisions in their own street or neighbourhood. We are passionate about facilitating civic action and believe people should be at the centre of place. We deliver inspiring and creative engagement processes that respect, welcome and amplify less-heard voices, and we make it really fun too. We also specialise in culturally & linguistically diverse engagement approaches.

Purposeful Placemaking

Streets and public spaces can inspire human connection. We work with communities and clients to create places that are safe, social, meaningful and inclusive. We can study how people feel and behave in public space and we can help visualise or deliver activation that transforms streets into places where people and businesses thrive. We work with leading place data organisations to back up our recommendations!

Place Plans & Strategies

Many great places started with a great plan. We create activation plans, place plans, traffic calming and tactical urbanism concepts, visioning and brand stories, urban design frameworks, business and marketing plans for mainstreet associations, suiting all budgets and time frames. We are action oriented, so we like to deliver things
on the ground, prototype and test.

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